About Us

At Mark Areias Jewelers, our business is built on integrity, quality, and value. None of these things are easily won and, indeed, consistency over time makes the difference. We are utterly committed to high standards and our hope is that the commitment turns into a relationship with the customer. Mark Areias Jewelers has been offering our customers a unique and personal buying experience for more than 30 years, and we take pride in the fact that most of our inventory is custom designed and created in-store. We offer a complimentary life-time inspection and cleaning on all jewelry purchases and special order pieces. We have a wide variety of previously owned timepieces in immaculate condition for both men and women, all sold with a one year warranty, as well as some of the worlds most sought after watch brands. While the design and execution of original jewelry pieces are a source of keen pleasure for our creative family, both of our shops provide a complete variety of services for customers which are all done on premises. Our genuine desire is getting to know our customers and being able to turn your ideas into a unique creation that will live on through generations. Mark Areias is a formally trained Goldsmith and California born and raised.
  • Owner of Carmels' Oldest Fine Jewelry Store
  • All Work Done in our Workshops
  • Certified Watchmaker on Premises
  • Appraisal and Estate Services